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Mariposa PWD Grooming Workshop

This workshop is for Mariposa PWD puppy familes or familes with PWDs sired by a Mariposa PWD.

You will be learning scissoring techniques for the lion and retriever cut. You will learn how to trim the face, head, ears as it pertains to both the lion and retriever cut. Simple pet trims will be covered. We will demonstrate how to pluck and clean ears as well as trim nails. We will cover grooming products and the tools we use at Mariposa for grooming PWDs

What to bring with your model PWD?

• Freshly bathed and blown out dog.

• Grooming table w/arm (if you don’t have one, let us know in advance).

• All your tools, including clippers, guards, and blades. Pin brush, slicker and combs.

• Towel, crate, water bucket and treats

Extension cord